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Marys Diary

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Mary's Diary is an application for people who grow cannabis (sativa, indica or rudelaris) for personal use. It can connect to marijuana forums. It gives the user an interactive walkthrough threw the grow cycle. Tips on how to proceed are presented to the user at the same time he makes a log of his growths by taking pictures or adding actions. Each walkthrough contain plants. Each plant has its own independent cycle. According to its location on the cycle, it will give you different tips. The cycle is divided in five stages: substrate making, germination, vegetative, flowering, drying and curing. We included this extra stages on the plant cycle because be think they are general knowledge when it comes to weed. To end up with quality pot you have to worry about each one of this stages, all the knowledge and an experienced user base are available here. We also encourage users to keep a detailed log of fertilization's. Each fertilization done is displayed by an icon on the plant's timeline. Plants can only be fertilized if they are currently on the vegetative or flowering stage. Also users have access to all cannabis forums from within the app. All this as easy as it gets. Its more user-friendly to use the forum from our application than from a pc using a web browser. Got tired of composing a thread? You can save a draft to finish it later. If you exit the reply view a draft is saved automatically. If you are fond of writing into several forums you can post the same message on different boards without having to write it all over again! Current supported forums: thc talk, international cannagraphic, the hip forums, cannabiscafe,, green passion, autoflower, bubbleponics, toke city, and ours.All pictures taken from within the app are automatically hidden from the main gallery, they are stored on a hidden folder named .marysdiary located on the sdcard. We ensure that the pictures taken are stored safely and without location data, to protect users privacy.This are only briefs description of what our application does, we have bright improvements coming in the future. If by any chance we missed to include your forum send us an email to For bug reports or feature requests we encourage you to use our forum. This is the full version, if you wish to try our app we recommend you download the ad-supported one for free. We hope you enjoy this app as much as we do :D